Saturday, June 27, 2009

More recording and editing for the Walking Tours

We are still recording interviews and have been editing recorded sounds, songs, and interviews down into useable bites for the Walking Tours. We also have an office space where some of the editing and work is now being done. Our hours there are flexible but we hope to be very available if ArtShare participants would like to do some work there or if anyone just wants to see what's going on with the project. We're located at 2516 Central Ave. NE (in the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association building).
Also, I was able to go see (and record) the implosion of the Lowry Bridge - an important part of NE Minneapolis and what was a very beautiful bridge steeped in local history. Here's a couple shots I took from my view of the implosion and a link to a youTube shot of the event (brace yourself at the 58 second mark...I was in the white building on the left-side of the screen).

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Next Steps (...are big ones, and really exciting too)

Mary and Zahra listening to interviews

We had our last full group workshop on May 26th. With a potluck, we celebrated a really amazing process that gathered, on the surface, 23 NE community members together to create Audio-Guided Walking Tours of NE Minneapolis neighborhoods. It really has been, is, and will be - so much more! We've met tons of NE residents, business owners, and those who just pass through our eclectic little corner of the world. We've uncovered little known nuggets of history and shined a light on new and emerging things happening all around our neighborhoods that, quite soon, will become history.
It's all in the making right in front of us.
Hopefully, as you are able to listen to and experience the Walking Tours we are creating, you will see the streets you drive, walk, and bike everyday in a new light, learn something new, and maybe find an excuse to say hello to someone new or check out that corner store you've always noticed but always passed by, and to appreciate some of the rich layers of history that makes NE the uniquely special place that it is.

The ArtShare Audio-Guided Walking Tours will be going live via the web, iTunes, and pre-loaded, free-to-borrow mp3 players this August!