Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Season Opener!

Hi!  We just had a fantastic fund raiser/season kick-off this past week at Sen Yai Sen Lek.  The attendance, contributions, and support were overwhelming!  We fielded a lot of questions about, well, What's next?
Short answer, in chronological order, is:

*Art-A-Whirl (May 20-22) - We'll have a space set-up in the Thorp Building on Central Ave. where you can chat, sign-up to be part of our NE Parade Float/Mask-Making Workshops, and try out the brand-spankin' new release from our Audio-Guided Walking Tour, the Noon Whistle Tour !

*Fund-Raiser/Party at Grumpy's NE - we're finalizing this still but if you attended last years festivities, you know!  We plan on having several bands, great grilled food, tons of silent auction items and services to bid on, and just a great time.  It'll be on a Sunday in May...more soon.

*Free, Open-to-all Workshops for the NE Parade (June 21) - For the 3rd year, ArtShare will be hosting free workshops to give the opportunity for ALL Northeasters to be part of the 82nd Annual NE Parade.  This is traditionally a great parade to watch but one that not everyone can join in on.  We've turned that notion on it's head and are making sure that if you want, you can make a personal float, a mask, a costume for your bicycle or skateboard, etc... and march with us in the Parade!

*Who knows!..ArtShare is dedicated to Creating Shared Art Experiences for the Northeast Community.  It's what we do.  And we continually engage with people from all walks of life in our NE communities to come up with new projects and ideas.